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Senpai no Gakko is a training program open to graduates of Medaka no Gakko, in grades 7-9, who have a desire to become a classroom senpai. Our training program allows middle-schoolers the opportunity to explore the classroom experience from an entirely new perspective.  The program incorporates hands-on, in-class experience for all levels.  We will continue with the Red Cross first aid training again this year.


Senpai no Gakko trainees work on increasing personal responsibility skills, time management, conflict resolution, minor first aid, and learning to clean the kitchen and bathrooms.  The Senpai no Gakko trainees learn all aspects of assisting the Medaka sensei through their day. They will learn how to use the copy machine, assist with recess supervision, and general prepping of all our cultural crafts.


We look forward to sharing our enthusiasm and knowledge with your child.  If interested in our program, please contact us!


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